Friday, November 19, 2010


Contrary to what you may have heard, pick up lines never work. Women have heard pick up lines all their life and shows that you are the same as every other guy that has come up to them, boring and uninteresting. One way you can bypass this is using an opener.

What is an opener?
An opener is a statement or a question that grabs the interest of whomever you are talking to (to a woman).

Any type of situational comment
ex. She drops something "A bit clumsy today?" (remember to give a little smile with a playful attitude)

Any type of question - "where is the nearest starbucks"?

"Hey I just noticed you from over there and you seem like an interesting person to get to know and I wanted to come over to introduce myself. I'm ______"

No matter what your type of opener is, you cannot use it as a main conversation thread. An opener is just that, a way to open. It is then up to you to guide the conversation with playful teasing, storytelling, being an attractive person.

p.s: Rarely ever would a woman be mean for you comming up to her, just do not be creepy and talk about marriage, sex, politics, religion, and confessing that you like her (unless you can use the direct approach method- you can search that on google)

Stay tuned for more!


  1. its nice having a opener. it leads up to other conversations. and a trip to the bed if its right.

  2. Bro, I think planning how to seduce a woman doesn't work (at least, not for me) When I'm drunk I'm more spontaneousness, and I don't care If I get laid or not, I'm just joying the moment and I feel cool and I do what I think I should do. I have realized that when I'm drunk, people don't notice it and they I'm a great person... I know it's sad, and it's wrong, but this is a good example, that it's true that saying "Be yourself"
    I'm not an attractive guy, and I've been dating with beautiful girls and when I look back I can't believe it, lol. Good stuff, man. I love u =)

  3. i follow you every day,,nice posts..:))

  4. your post today is amaizing! i like it!
    supportin & follouing!

  5. I always laughed at guys that used pick up lines or "openers", but maybe I was that mean girl! lol GL with this =D