Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Be Good Lookng

By good looking, I don't mean genetics. Being good looking through what you can control will make you look like walking sex to women. Why should I care about my appearance? Here's some reasons:
-If you look good, you will feel good
-It will boost your confidence
-Women will become more interested (you can grab they attention easily)
-shows you have self respect
-You will look sexy to women
-You can take care of yourself

In order to become good looking, you need to take care of some stuff first, for example:
-Shave (don't leave stubble that makes you look like a hobo)
- Have clean shoes (soap and water does many wonders)
-Iron and press your clothes to get rid of wrinkles
-Invest in some *Good* deodorant/cologne
-Trim your fingernails
-Learn how to match your clothing colors appropriately (ask women about this)
-Develop a unique style away from what others are wearing (I see a lot of people wearing skinny jeans now)
-Learn to carry yourself (chest out, stand tall, have very open body language, less fidgety ticks)
-Do not have ashy skin (get some lotion that doesn't look greasy)
-Style your hair (gel)
-clean your ears, and other body parts in the shower

**If there are other tips that I may have missed, put them in the comment box.

Develop a style that is for you, if you do not like a certain style then change it. After all, you should care about what you want. All in all have good hygiene, girls actually have sharper and more sensitive senses than men. If you take care of all of these things, you will become a sex magnet to women. peace out


  1. Wow I really thought a lot of this was common sense. then again i guess some people actually overlook these kinda things.

  2. Good tips, bro. I suggest workout too, pay a trainer or get some friends who know about getting in good shape.

  3. hmmm...i guess im unattractive! still following tho lol