Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Be Good Lookng

By good looking, I don't mean genetics. Being good looking through what you can control will make you look like walking sex to women. Why should I care about my appearance? Here's some reasons:
-If you look good, you will feel good
-It will boost your confidence
-Women will become more interested (you can grab they attention easily)
-shows you have self respect
-You will look sexy to women
-You can take care of yourself

In order to become good looking, you need to take care of some stuff first, for example:
-Shave (don't leave stubble that makes you look like a hobo)
- Have clean shoes (soap and water does many wonders)
-Iron and press your clothes to get rid of wrinkles
-Invest in some *Good* deodorant/cologne
-Trim your fingernails
-Learn how to match your clothing colors appropriately (ask women about this)
-Develop a unique style away from what others are wearing (I see a lot of people wearing skinny jeans now)
-Learn to carry yourself (chest out, stand tall, have very open body language, less fidgety ticks)
-Do not have ashy skin (get some lotion that doesn't look greasy)
-Style your hair (gel)
-clean your ears, and other body parts in the shower

**If there are other tips that I may have missed, put them in the comment box.

Develop a style that is for you, if you do not like a certain style then change it. After all, you should care about what you want. All in all have good hygiene, girls actually have sharper and more sensitive senses than men. If you take care of all of these things, you will become a sex magnet to women. peace out

Monday, November 22, 2010

Key's to the VIP

Wow, I can't believe I never posted this. Yes this is a real pick up show, both with amateurs and actual PUA's (Pick Up Artists)

The show is called Key's to the VIP if anyone want's to search more on youtube.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Contrary to what you may have heard, pick up lines never work. Women have heard pick up lines all their life and shows that you are the same as every other guy that has come up to them, boring and uninteresting. One way you can bypass this is using an opener.

What is an opener?
An opener is a statement or a question that grabs the interest of whomever you are talking to (to a woman).

Any type of situational comment
ex. She drops something "A bit clumsy today?" (remember to give a little smile with a playful attitude)

Any type of question - "where is the nearest starbucks"?

"Hey I just noticed you from over there and you seem like an interesting person to get to know and I wanted to come over to introduce myself. I'm ______"

No matter what your type of opener is, you cannot use it as a main conversation thread. An opener is just that, a way to open. It is then up to you to guide the conversation with playful teasing, storytelling, being an attractive person.

p.s: Rarely ever would a woman be mean for you comming up to her, just do not be creepy and talk about marriage, sex, politics, religion, and confessing that you like her (unless you can use the direct approach method- you can search that on google)

Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Women are one the the most jealous creatures on earth. Why would you want to know this? Well you can use jealousy to your advantage. If a girl likes you or is already with you, its important to keep a little jealousy in the relationship. Let her see that you still can talk to other women so that she feels that she can still "lose" you. When trying to make a girl jealous, do not look in her direction as it clearly shows you are trying to ellict an emotion from her, you will get better results if you remain indifferent to her emotions while making her jealous. It's also a great way to see who likes you, I know it helps me alot ;D.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


One of the most fun things to do with women, Teasing. Now I'm not talking about the hurtful type of teasing that can cause a person to cry, I'm talking about the playful side of teasing.

Teasing a girl will acomplish 3 things and they are:
-Showing you have confidence
-Showing you have humor
-Showing that you are different from other guys (a challenge)

You can make funny comments on various items they have such as purse/bags, shoes, making comebacks for what they say, and just anyhting else you can think of.

some statements to get you started are:
-Wow, that's a big purse. what are you, carrying a gun in there.
- I can marry a woman like you...and divorce you a week later and take half of your money.
-when she stutters "oh yeah, that's real easy for you to say"

When teasing, you should have a playful attitude while saying these comments. If you say there's in a really serious tone, they will not come off as funny, but rather make you look like an asshole.

If you would like to know more on teasing and how to tease, look up

David D. Angelo or cocky and funny on google.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Body Language

It's not secret that body language makes up for more than 90% of all of our communication. By knowing how to read and interpret signals given off by humans you can tell what each person is feeling (plus you can manipulate this information to find out which girls are attracted to you within 10 seconds of meeting them). 

Here are some of the signs in which are given off by women to show if they are nervous because of you (because she is interested/likes you)

-Hair playing/brushing/fiddling/adjusting
-face touching
-fiddling with jewlery
-preening (straightening out clothes)
-scratching near the wrists or neck
-touching their earlobe
-touching their mouth/lips
-laughing/giggling more than usual
-any type of nose brush
- their feet point to what their interested in (you)
-when sitting down, they puff their chest out
-touching their neck
-cocking their head to the side to reveal their neck
-putting on lip gloss/lipstick
-and eye contact (more than 2-3 seconds)

Now I know this is a lot of stuff to remember and there is many more signals to know, but personally this is some of the more displayed signals women give off when they want a man to approach them.

Also if interpreted correctly, this will give you a green light to move forward with a girl. Just because you sit in front of a girl while she is already sitting down doesn't mean she likes you (unless she shows other signs of interest). Hopefully this will easy the tension of "Does she like me, does she like me not" phenomenon men go through.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Post: Mindset

"If you've ever been swimming, you know the first step you take will be the coldest. Your body is not used to the drastic temperature change it undergoes as you dip your foot in the water. One of your first instincts would be to jump, or retreat from the water. I've noticed even though the first time you step foot in a pool or the ocean would be "painful".(If you don't know what i mean take a hot shower for 5 seconds, step out, change it to cold water and step under the shower again). The feeling of the "cold" diminishes as you submerge yourself in the water. Suddenly your body changes its temperature to match with the water's temperature and you will look back thinking "why did I even think of not going in the water?". The first couple of seconds while your in the water will be uncomfortable, but your body and mind will condition itself to get used to the change."  -Remotecool

 Just a little thing to think about when you feel scared to do something whether it be approaching a girl, a stranger, or just trying out something new.

 Through this blog I will be posting up some articles on mindset (how you should think in order to make yourself attractive) and flirting tips (telling if a girl likes you, how to keep a girl's interest, how to get her to chase you and many more..). Subscribe if you would like to know more.