Friday, November 12, 2010

Body Language

It's not secret that body language makes up for more than 90% of all of our communication. By knowing how to read and interpret signals given off by humans you can tell what each person is feeling (plus you can manipulate this information to find out which girls are attracted to you within 10 seconds of meeting them). 

Here are some of the signs in which are given off by women to show if they are nervous because of you (because she is interested/likes you)

-Hair playing/brushing/fiddling/adjusting
-face touching
-fiddling with jewlery
-preening (straightening out clothes)
-scratching near the wrists or neck
-touching their earlobe
-touching their mouth/lips
-laughing/giggling more than usual
-any type of nose brush
- their feet point to what their interested in (you)
-when sitting down, they puff their chest out
-touching their neck
-cocking their head to the side to reveal their neck
-putting on lip gloss/lipstick
-and eye contact (more than 2-3 seconds)

Now I know this is a lot of stuff to remember and there is many more signals to know, but personally this is some of the more displayed signals women give off when they want a man to approach them.

Also if interpreted correctly, this will give you a green light to move forward with a girl. Just because you sit in front of a girl while she is already sitting down doesn't mean she likes you (unless she shows other signs of interest). Hopefully this will easy the tension of "Does she like me, does she like me not" phenomenon men go through.


  1. This is helpful. In wine sales, you can almost decipher everything from occassion to annual income just from watching a person's body language.

  2. would had been helpful last week but I just hooked up with her! I learned to be confident and to trust my own judgment! Great tips!!

  3. I had a chart of different facial expressions and what they meant. Pretty cool stuff.

  4. Good advice, now I know I've missed thousands of opportunities, lol. Good stuff you have here, man. I'm tracking your next updates =)

  5. nice post i like it !

  6. Great list! I'll be on the lookout for that next time I'm trying to pick up a girl.

  7. Nice, I really like this article.

  8. this is a good follow up to your last one

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